Being a first time home buyer is a unique and often incredibly time-consuming experience. Amidst the joy and excitement of starting a new chapter, there can be uncertainty and overwhelming feelings about how to best embark on finding the perfect home. Owning a home is a big commitment and is a decision that should be approached with a lot of conscientiousness and strategy. Here are Three important considerations for first time home buyers.

1) Evaluate your savings situation

Having a good emergency fund saved will set you up to be a successful first time home buyer more than anything. Homes come with many maintenance costs and first time home buyers should be aware of the realities of future costs that may emerge and that they will need to be prepared for. This will also help you determine what you can afford long-term when it comes to price ranges for houses on the market.

2) Research suitable neighbourhood

It is crucial to include neighbourhood quality and location in your decision-making process when selecting your new home. Factors like crime rate, quality and proximity of schools, public transportation, and commute times are all important considerations that first time home buyers may overlook when basing their decision more on the property alone. Researching suitable neighbourhoods can include speaking to friends who have lived there and visiting the neighbourhood at different times of day to evaluate noise and traffic levels. Identifying some non-negotiables along these lines can help you narrow down the neighbourhoods you will be focusing on during your search.

3) Find a good realtor

Finding a good real estate agent can make the process of house searching and acquiring your perfect home a lot smoother. A good real estate agent is one you trust, understands your needs as a homeowner, and can help you navigate the market as they are familiar with the neighbourhoods you are considering purchasing in. They can also help you understand your rights and expectations as a homeowner when going to make an offer on a property and close a deal. It definitely pays to have an expert by your side when you are making such a major life decision.

 Being a first time home buyer is tough, we hope that these suggestions have made it a bit easier to begin your journey as a home owner. Evaluating your saving situation, research suitable neighbourhoods and finding a good realtor are all key elements in starting the journey. 


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